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Quality Policy

The company “Afoi DEMENEGA OE” responding to the demands of the modern business reality and aiming at the improvement of its organizational structure and internal communication, through the upgrading of its functions, effective response to emergencies and problems, seeking the continuous improvement and satisfaction of all stakeholders, decided to establish Quality Management System (Quality Management System) in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 Standards, and the Construction Products Regulation 305/2011.

The Company’s Quality Management System covers:


It was designed according to the needs of the Company, the requirements of the interested parties and the legislative-regulatory requirements of the current Greek and Community legislation and in particular of the Construction Products Regulation 305/2011.

Its main objectives are:

• Customer focus
• Meeting the requirements of all business stakeholders
• Continuous improvement
• Active participation of the Management and the Personnel, in the implementation of the Quality Management System.
• Emphasis on collective effort
• Encourage positive initiatives and suggestions for improvement
• Implementation of procedures based on qualitative and quantitative objectives, which are reviewed and, if necessary, reviewed.

In particular, the Quality Policy is governed by the application of the Standards ISO 9001: 2015 and the Regulation of Construction Products 305/2011, in a spirit of unified structure, for its understanding by the Management and the staff, which is called to apply it, as well as for the interested parties, who expect their requirements to be met through it.

In that way:

• The factors of the external and internal business environment of the company, which affect its operation, quality and environmental performance, are better identified and understood.
• Stable relationships of trust with our Customers are ensured in order to meet their expectations
• All legislative and regulatory requirements related to the company’s activities are met
• Continuous improvement of the Unified Quality Management System is achieved through the measurement and achievement of qualitative and quantitative performance indicators
• A continuous effort is made for the integration of the Quality principles in the daily activity of our employees and associates
• Receives training and continuous information of employees on Quality issues
• The necessary resources are provided in order to achieve the prescribed Quality in the services provided.

The above Policy is a commitment for the company, is communicated to all employees and stakeholders, and is posted in prominent places in the offices and in the production area of ​​the company.

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