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A few words about us

The story of “DEMENEGAS” Company starts to unfold many years ago, in 1948, in post-war Athens. It was at that time when Nikolaos Demenegas established his business, a small forge. Thanks to the construction quality and his irreversible principles – consistency of words and actions – the forge developed into one of the best businesses in the field of metal constructions.
Having gained experience for many years besides his father and following the same basic principles of the company, he modernizes the equipment and introduces new techniques to the production of aluminum products, keeping thus the company always up-to-date and trustworthy. Without neglecting the legacy of the company, which is the art of metal constructions, the company offers metal constructions that have been characterized as “works of art” by many artists in times of absolute industrialization. In the years that follow, the combination of all the aforementioned elements leads the company to cooperate with great engineers and architects, enabling it to continue producing exquisite works.

The second cycle in the history of the business began when the founder’s son, Ioannis Demenegas, joined the company, giving it a new momentum. With many years of experience next to his father and the same basic principles of the company, he modernizes the equipment, incorporates new techniques in the production of aluminum products, thus keeping it always up to date and reliable. Without neglecting the legacy of the company, which is the art of metal construction, in times of absolute industrialization, the company offers metal structures that are described by many artists as “works of art”. In the following years, the combination of all the above makes the company collaborate with great engineers and architects, continuing to produce separate projects.

“DEMENEGAS” company enters its third cycle in 2013, with the participation of brothers Nikos and Stavros Demenegas, who, apart from the sense of responsibility arising from respect to the history of the business, have a vision…


Our vision is to provide qualitative, reliable and durable products using our high-level training.

In order to keep up with the rapid developments in information and technology of our age, the only way to maintain the high standards of our products is training. This we do by participating in every seminar relevant to our field, as well as by staying informed on the new technologies brought to the market by the best suppliers in our field. Our vision is to constantly develop our knowledge on aluminum products (doors-windows-metal constructions) and constantly set higher limits in order to keep our clients satisfied with their choices.

Thus, in 2010, the company invested in new mechanical equipment, computer-aided cutting and processing monitoring, a production management program and an office management program. All the aforementioned ensure the reliability of the product for a longer lifespan as well as zero failure in cutting and assembly, as well as the ability to produce the entire range of aluminium products (doors, windows, sheets). We are equally demanding in the processing of the colors (certified paint shops handle the process of painting aluminium profiles), in the supply of mechanisms, rubber and sheet glasses. With the best possible materials available, we choose with you and deliver to you a product that is constructed, assembled and installed at your place by technicians that strictly observe the production processes from the order of the materials to the installation of the product, resulting in a product that is characterized by quality, durability and top aesthetics.

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