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Shading & Roller Systems

EL 9000

EL 8100

Rollers and aluminum shading systems that meet all modern requirements. Manufactured and certified to offer.

  • Safety
  • Thermal
  • Air permeability
  • Watertightness
  • Sound reduction


Thermal insulation roll with excellent finish, which meets the modern requirements of energy saving, while providing safety.

  • Excellent functionality and reliability
  • Heat permeability coefficient Uf = 2.1 W / m2 * k
  • Accepts manual (belt or crank) and electric mechanisms (simple and with remote control)
  • Can be installed with sheets with polyurethane filling or sheets with aluminum extrusion profile (heavy type)
  • Recommended for large openings
  • Specifications of the dimensions of constructions:

Width 3000mm-height 2500mm


Innovative shutter construction system that transfers the feeling of the old wooden shutter to modern aluminum constructions.

  • Shutter system with classic aesthetics
  • The filling of the leaves can be done with a gallon, a fixed oval or a movable blind.
  • The special design <<frame>> allows fast and very easy installation of fixed oval.
  • Typologies: Double to six leaf shutter
  • Profile Dimensions:

Frame: width 58.5mm and 128.3mm-height 45mm

Sheet: width 40mm-height 60mm

  • Maximum sheet dimension for two-leaf construction

Width 800mm-height 2500mm

Maximum sheet size for three-leaf up to six-leaf construction

Width 400mm-height 2500mm

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